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Living Candida-Free

Living Candida-Free

100 Recipes and a 3-Stage Program to Restore Your Health and Vitality

An expansive, programmatic approach to following an anti-candida diet, featuring practical and realistic strategies and 100 vegan recipes.

A type of yeast that grows in the human body, candida’s overgrowth is at the root of health problems, from chronic fatigue and digestion disorders to skin conditions and allergies; health professionals are calling it a hidden epidemic. Living Candida-Free offers a complete exploration of this condition and an expansive approach for anyone wishing to follow an anti-candida diet. A comprehensive guidebook filled with practical, realistic strategies for living a life free of refined sugar, Living Candida-Free includes:
  • A three-stage program
  • Tips on how to transition to eating the anti-candida way
  • Information on herbal supplements and treatments
  • A full list of ingredient substitutions
  • 100 delicious, satisfying recipes that anyone can prepare
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Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Health & Fitness / Diet & Nutrition / Diets

On Sale: January 27th 2015

Price: $12.99

Page Count: 256

ISBN-13: 9780738217765

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reader reviews


Taste for Life, March 2015
“Learn how to obtain a proper diagnosis; detoxify your body and environment; repopulate your gut's good bacteria; and adapt to an anticandida diet.”

A Dash of Compassion, 3/2/15
“Offers practical and realistic strategies for anyone wishing to follow an anti-candida diet, as well as more than 100 recipes that anyone—on a special diet or not—can enjoy.”

Gluten-Free School, 3/3/15
“Ricki is a genius in the kitchen as well as equally brilliant on the topic of healing candida. This new book (which is well worth purchasing) has over 100 new recipes that will not leave you hungry or feeling deprived! One of the biggest pluses about the book is that it walks you through the process of getting diagnosed with candida and then provides you with everything you'd need to know about tackling this health problem from a nutritional standpoint. If you need a plan and clear directions on how to finally kick candida's butt, Living Candida Free is hands-down a fantastic place to start.”
Choosing Raw, 2/28/15
“Ricki makes it look easy to create food that is hearty, tasteful, and evokes everyone's favorite meals (pancakes, casseroles, wonderful desserts) while also being health-oriented and mindful of special diets, including food sensitivities…[A] wonderful cookbook…That Ricki has created 100 recipes that are both anti-candida diet friendly and also delicious—recipes that anyone would love to eat—is a testament to her unique blend of culinary experience and health awareness.”

Cooking Quinoa, 2/26/15
“If you even think you might have a problem with Candida, this book is [a] MUST have.”

The Blender Girl, 2/25/15
“The recipes are so incredibly delicious you won't even realize you're following an elimination diet!...The star of this book is the meal plans and recipes. Ricki is one of the most talented gluten-free, vegan recipe developers out there. Her recipes are always delicious and nutritious, and really simple.”

Canned-Time, 2/24/15
“Ricki has a wonderful journey to tell about her long road down the Vegetarian, Vegan and Anti-Candida diet trails…You'll love Ricki's book.”

Heather Nicholds, 2/20/15
“[Heller] is the go-to gal for info and recipes to help beat candida as a vegan.”
Kelli's Vegan Kitchen, 2/16/15
“So much more than a cookbook...Ricki has given a wealth of information.”

The Food Duo, 2/15/15
“Ricki is an anti-candida superhero!...[There are] so many recipes that it's hard to say ‘there's nothing I can eat'. It's a great way to kickstart your journey toward optimal health.”

Zsu's Vegan Pantry, 2/12/15
“Groundbreaking…This is an excellent book to assess just how much candida has grown in our bodies and how to treat it before it gets out of control…More than just a cookbook, it is a guide to improved health.”

YumUniverse, 2/17/15
“Takes a very complicated, sometimes overwhelming topic, and dials it in to an explanation that will empower readers immediately.”

Fork and Beans, 2/17/15
“If you have Candida or simply need to reduce your sugar intake, you NEED this book… It arms readers with everything they need to retake control of their lives and their health…Ricki Heller truly has a natural talent for making a restrictive diet seem doable and taste great.”
The Seasonal Diet, 1/28/15
“This book is so good I read it in two days!…Ricki does a great job of making candida (CRC) management less of a chore and more of a journey you want to embark on.”

If Your Body Could Talk, 1/28/15
“I'm so excited about this book…[Heller] has given hope (and better yet—hundreds of delicious recipes) to vegetarians and vegans around the world who want to eliminate candida but don't want to turn away from their plant-based diet. Thanks to Ricki and her co-author Andrea Nakayama, this book is packed with easy-to-understand information about candida, comprehensive worksheets to help you determine your own level of candida overgrowth, and 100 delicious plant-based recipes that will help you rebalance your system and heal.”

The Savvy Vegetarian, 1/30/15
Living Candida Free is both a breath of fresh air and a beacon of hope. It's different from the usual run of candida books because it's based on a whole food vegan diet…Wherever you fall on the dietary spectrum, or whether or not you actually have candida (it's a safe bet that most of us do), I promise that Living Candida Free will help you. Ricki and Andrea are excellent teachers, full of knowledge, compassion and humor, each with long years of experience studying and battling candida, and helping others to overcome it.”
We Love Fine Foods, 1/14/15
“If you know you are eating too much sugar, do yourself a favour and buy this book.”

Hallie Klecker, Daily Bites, 1/30/15
“Ricki's low-sugar recipes are nowhere near lackluster. Flip through the 100 plant-rich, vegan recipes in Living Candida-Free and you'll quickly be inspired to grab your apron and get busy. Regardless of whether you have candida or not, I'd recommend this book for anyone seeking to heal and nourish by following a low-sugar lifestyle…If you're trying to cut sugar out of your diet, overcome candida, or simply love low-sugar and nutrient-dense food like me, Living Candida-Free needs to be in your life.”

Vegan Culinary Crusade, 2/5/15
“A comprehensive guide to restoring your health in the most delicious way imaginable. This is an incredible resource for anyone out there who thinks (or knows) they may have issues with candida…Ricki's talent for recipe development is astounding. She works within all of the parameters necessary to live candida-free yet offers a delicious array of recipes…This book is patient and honest and full of answers. It is everything you need when you want to stop suffering but know it is a journey to get to health.”
Spabettie, 1/22/15
“Important and life changing! Living Candida Free has 100 recipes, but it is so much more than a cookbook. Ricki shares her vast knowledge of the anti-candida diet, including sample menus, detailed information and a plan about acceptable foods and foods to avoid, detoxification and restoring digestion, stages to reintroduce foods, pantry lists and so much more…Ricki's flavor packed techniques are also good for those wanting to reduce sugars in their diet, and is the first all vegan anti candida guide. Vegan, sugar free, gluten free—there are recipes for everyone!”

Bite Sized Thoughts, 1/20/15
“Ricki manages to create delicious dishes and wonderful desserts…The range of dishes on offer is fantastic, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts all well covered.”

Marfigs' Munchies, 1/19/15
“Ricki's book truly takes the sting out of Candida by providing a realistic and flexible plan of action, meal plans, and some truly delicious recipes that aren't only for when the president comes to visit, but also for the busy weekday evening when you just want to eat your dinner in pajamas but still feel grand. Living Candida-Free is vegan-friendly (yay!) and really uses wonderful, everyday ingredients that won't take a chunk out of your wallet like most ‘healthy living' cookbooks do.”