5-Star Baby Name Advisor

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Apr 22, 2008

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Five-Star Baby Name Advisor is a unique and invaluable book for parents who want to select a name that will give their child a head start in life. It contains more helpful information about each name than any other book–starting with star ratings (like the ones used to rate movies, hotels, and mutual funds).

Most name books are basically lists of names that include origin and meaning. This unique book gives parents lots of help in deciding which name to choose for their baby. Here is a list of all the features you’ll find in the book. Notice that most of the features (marked with an asterisk) can’t be found in any other book; and two features marked with asterisks can only be found in name books by Bruce Lansky:

-Star rating*



-Gender usage** (showing whether names are used primarily for boys, primarily for girls, or equally for both)

-First impressions** (what images come to mind when names are called in school or seen on job applications)

-Popularity rankings and recent trends*

-Spelling difficulty*

-Pronunciation difficulty*

-Versatility* (availability of versions of the name for informal and formal social occasions)

-The most famous namesakes

-Common nicknames

-Common variations

-Final considerations* (pros and cons)

Mother’s Choice Awards 2009 Silver Award: Pregnancy & Childbirth

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