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Aug 22, 1988

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An anthology of Pablo Picasso’s statements about art

“Every page explodes with curt, outrageous aphorisms that confounded one’s comfortable idees recues. Lipchitz maintains that Picasso refused to talk seriously about art–‘Don’t talk to the driver’ was his favorite phrase when conversation got heavy; but nothing could be more penetrating than his jokes, more devastating that his pronunciamentos.”–Rackstraw Downes,New York Times Book Review

“Picasso is amazingly lucid and literate in what he says about himself and his colleagues, more so, in fact, than his explicators.”–Douglas Davis,Newsweek

“It is very good news that Dore Ashton’s excellent anthology of Picasso’s statements on art is once again in print. Together, the texts she has very judiciously selected and effectively translated give us a vivid picture both of the artist and of his wonderfully original, provocative thinking about art. Every student of 20-century art should read this book, and I for one intend to make sure that all of my students read it.”–Theodore Reff, Professor of Art History, Columbia University

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