Ardent Spirits

The Rise And Fall Of Prohibition

Trade Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780306805127

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ON SALE: March 22nd 1993

Genre: Nonfiction / History / Modern / 20th Century


“This is first-rate popular history, full of anecdotes and vivid personalities, with a compelling narrative.”–Smithsonian

Ardent Spirit covers the full range of the temperance idea in America, beginning in the early seventeenth century and continuing through the prohibition years, 1919-1933. Using a wide variety of sources, Kobler quotes the amusing and often startling comments relating to the efforts of prohibitionists and lawmakers, so that the speakeasies, the rum-running, the bootleggers, and the gang wars all come vividly to life. Here too are portraits of eccentrics, instant millionaires, law enforcement officers, and murderers-all part of the Noble Experiment which proved to be one of the most tragicomic sagas in American history.

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