The Way of Herodotus

Travels with the Man Who Invented History

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Feb 2, 2010

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Intrepid travel historian Justin Marozzi retraces the footsteps of Herodotus through the Mediterranean and Middle East, examining Herodotus's 2,500-year-old observations about the cultures and places he visited and finding echoes of his legacy reverberating to this day. The Way of Herodotus is a lively yet thought-provoking excursion into the world of Herodotus, with the man who invented history ever present, guiding the narrative with his discursive spirit.

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Chicago Tribune, 7/17/11
“You must not miss this guide to the Middle East and the Mediterranean, which brims with descriptions that transcend ephemeral tidbits such as who’s running the government. Marozzi comments often upon the timeless appeal of an earlier writer—that rascal of a historian, Herodotus—and by so doing, creates his own eternally appealing travel guide.”

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