The Guinness Book Of Espionage

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Aug 22, 1994

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Packed with case histories and profiles of history’s most infamous secret agents, plus a comprehensive glossary, The Guinness Book of Espionage will appeal to armchair spies everywhere.

The Guinness Book of Espionage looks at the real world of spies and spying-military, political, and commercial-and charts the story of subterfuge throughout history. It contains fascinating details on:
  • The People: famous spies such as Christopher Marlowe, Mata Hari, John Walker, and Kim Philby
  • Their Methods: recruiting and running an agent, and the development of codes and ciphers
  • The Equipment and Technology: from the early use of radios for communication through to today’s hi-tech electronic surveillance and photographic techniques, as employed by advanced spy planes and satellites
  • The Famous Incidents: such as the Zimmermann Telegram, the Venlo incident–one of the greatest mistakes in British intelligence history, which wiped out virtually all British agents on the Continent at the start of the last war; the shooting down of Francis Gary Pawers’s U-2 spyplane in 1960, and the destruction of the Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 over Kamtchatka with the loss of 269 innocent lives in the ’80s In England Defeat Shakes the Foundations of Monarchy
  • Services and Operations: including the KGB, CIA, MI5, Mossad and Britain’s wartime Special Operations Executive
  • Secrets in the Office: telephone tapping and the ins and outs of computer hacking