Variety's ""The Movie That Changed My Life""

120 Celebrities Pick the Films that Made a Difference (for Better or Worse)

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Dec 11, 2008

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In recent years, the editors of Variety have posed the same question to hundreds of famous personalities: “What is the movie that changed your life?” Gathered here for the first time are the responses of movie stars and comedians, politicians and war correspondents, athletes and business magnates, and many more.

We discover Candace Bushnell's appreciation of Annie Hall, which she refashioned into Sex and the City; Sen. John McCain's quote-laden adoration of Viva Zapata!; and journalists Tom Brokaw and Lawrence Wright's disparate inspirations, His Gal Friday and All the President's Men.

From Sarah Jessica Parker to Ralph Nader, Bill Maher to Jerry Rice, Donald Trump to Jesse Jackson, Danielle Steel to Gore Vidal, this fascinating and entertaining collection reveals the films that have left their mark on the individuals shaping our world.

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, Spring 2009

“Hofler compiles engaging glimpses into the minds of sports stars, politicians, humorists, directors, musicians, journalists, writers, and other VIPs, finding out what motion pictures have had an impact, negative or positive, on their lives, their hopes, even their nightmares…What makes this collection of anecdotes, insights, and impressions so readable is the unexpected choices…Easy to skim through…Encapsulates what movies mean to everyone, celebrity or not, without belaboring the point, and recognizes all sorts of people, from opera directors to quarterbacks, can be disturbed, uplifted or transformed by the silver screen.”

Curled Up with a Good Book

“If you are a movie addict, this book will ring your chimes. The best thing about it is that it reaches across so many genres, age groups, vintages, and viewpoints…It's nicely organized and spiced with many photos to remind us of the monumental films and the stellar actors of the past 70 years…[It's] the kind of book you can carry around and thumb through at random—great reading for the doctor's office or a weekend getaway.”
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