Access All Areas

Stories from a Hard Rock Life

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Dec 12, 2017

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Entertaining, crazy, and hilarious stories from Scott Ian of Anthrax

Scott Ian, famous for cofounding legendary thrash metal band Anthrax and only slightly less so for his iconic beard, has done and seen a lot in his decades of touring. Those of you who have read Scott’s memoir I’m the Man may know the history of the band, but Access All Areas divulges all the zany, bizarre, funny, and captivating tales of what went on when the band wasn’t busy crafting chart-topping albums.

In his more than thirty years immersed in the hard rock scene, Scott has witnessed haunting acts of depravity backstage, punched a legendary musician, been a bouncer at an exclusive night club, guest-starred with Anthrax on Married with Children, invaded a fellow rock star’s home, played poker professionally, gone on a non-date with a certain material girl, appeared on The Walking Dead, and much more.

Access All Areas allows its readers to do just that. With humor, candor, hindsight, and writing chops that would make Stephen King jealous (nope, not even on Bizarro world), Scott Ian takes his fans along for the ride at all the parties, hot spots, and behind-the-scenes shenanigans they will never hear about from anyone else. And none of it would have happened without a bit of divine inspiration from KISS. (No, seriously. Read chapter two.) Best of all, Scott seemingly lacks the ability to be embarrassed, making Access All Areas howlingly funny, self-deprecating, and every bit as brash and brazen as one would expect from one of the original architects of speed metal.

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"Off-the-wall stories from the road and beyond...[Ian's] humorous anecdotes capture the esprit de corps of his many touring musician friends...With this outing, Ian has proven his writing chops."—Publishers Weekly
"Born storyteller Scott Ian recounts his craziest collection of takes of life on the road as a touring musician."—Music Connection
"Full of anecdotes from the man's nearly four decades on the metal frontline...Scott's natural role is as a storyteller...This is a job he does superbly, with warmth and wit, sharp insight and no end of banter."
"A collection of assorted tales from one man's journey in the world of music-the highs and lows of fame, personal brushes with natural events, brief forays into acting and most importantly-musical madness!... Scott's stories have a real gripping feel to them-when you read them, it almost feels like you're sat at a bar with him, nursing a pint and hanging off of his every word!...Highly amusing, a great read."
Ave Noctum
"You don't have to be a fan of heavy metal to enjoy this book."—Media Mikes
"Captivating tales of life on the road...Filled with personal and hilarious stories...[A] fun and enjoyable read. You will feel like you are best friends with him and are just bullshitting at the bar having a nice cold one. He has a great sense of humor whether it is him joking around with a celebrity or poking fun at himself. This is a book for anyone whether you know who Scott is or not."—
"This book covers a lot of ground from the moment Ian got the bug to be a performer to the many unbelievable stories that have highlighted his more than 34-year career."—Pure Grain Audio
"[Ian] proves to be the ultimate storyteller. His remarkable memory, attention to detail, and ability to make almost everything funny-ranging from mildly amusing to downright hilarious-keeps the reader enthralled and entertained. The tales recounted are so realistic, it almost seems like you were there when the debauchery went down."
Brave Words
"The instantly recognizable guitarist and cofounder of the pioneering thrash-metal band hasn't forgotten what it's like to be a fan even though he's long been a star. Anything but a career chronicle, Access All Areas is-as its subtitle promises-a collection of stories, many of them memories of bands he loved as a kid (Kiss ranks number one) or of meeting his heroes (Black Sabbath)."—Milwaukee Shepherd Express
"Very few rock stars are good storytellers, often relying on others to help them build their legends in print media. Scott Ian requires no such help. He's a hilarious, honest, intelligent storyteller, and even adventures that would feel mundane by comparison become compelling when he's behind the wheel...So conversational and accessible that you feel like you're chatting with an old friend who's had some wild experiences, not a music icon with plenty of names to drop. Access All Areas is great fun for fans of Scott Ian, but it's arguably more fun if you don't know much about him because you'll be pleasantly surprised."—Manhattan Book Review
"There are a lot of hilarious moments in the book; Ian's a very witty story teller...Fans of the band and the genre will enjoy."—Scanner Zine
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